Energy Supply Contracts

Wholesale price analysis

Your business will gain thorough wholesale energy price analysis. This enables powerful decision making using the latest fundamental market analysis, combined with advanced trend identification, trade planning and risk mitigation.

Supply contract types

The energy market has developed a wide range of contract formats from fully inclusive, fixed- rate pricing to flexible, pass-through arrangements. We will provide guidance on which contract type is most appropriate for your company.

Renewable energy

We can provide options to your business including Private Wire, Corporate Power Purchase Agreements, Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO), Guarantees of Origin (GoO) and Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGO).

Tender submission

To obtain competitive prices, we will approach energy suppliers to achieve the most cost-effective proposals available in the market.

Proposal negotiation

Supplier proposals are often open to negotiation. Backed by our extensive experience, we will analyse supplier proposals on behalf of your company to ensure the most cost-effective outcome is achieved.

Metering agreements

We will liaise with meter operators to discuss your company’s requirements. For example: new installations, meter re-certification, meter changes or metering faults. We will arrange and maintain where applicable, Meter Operative Agreements. This can involve MOP invoice verification and other related topics.

Registration control

The appointment of any new supplier would involve the customer premises being successfully registered. On occasion, the incumbent supplier may object to the transfer. We will pursue the issue until a satisfactory conclusion has been reached.

Energy Cost Control

Contact rate implementation

When a new energy supply agreement has been concluded with a supplier, we will ensure that the agreed rates are implemented and invoiced correctly.

Charge control

Within pass-through type contracts, the delivery and transportation charges may change during the term of the agreement. We will verify and confirm the correct transportation or use-of-system charges have been applied correctly.

Invoice verification and notification

Upon receipt of a supplier’s energy account we will check and verify the invoiced rates have been applied as per the agreed contract. Any anomalies would be pursued until rectified.

Data control & metering data

Metered data is an integral part of the invoice verification process. We will ensure the metering data matches the invoiced data.

Budget forecasting & data analysis

We will produce consumption profiles from the available invoiced data. The profiles highlight consumption patterns on a site-by-site basis. Analysis of the profiles can lead to a reduction in energy consumption and hence, charges for your company.

Energy saving

There is a wide range of energy saving products on the market. We are happy to assist in discussing these while offering honest, independent opinions on any particular benefit to your business. We will also arrange energy auditing, as per requirements.

Energy Reporting

Sustainability planning

Backed by extensive partner experience, and with an increasing focus on government net zero emissions targets by consumers and investors, we can support your business to manage its emissions and reduce its climate impact through transformational change.

Weekly budget forecasts/schedule

If your organisation operates with flexible supply agreements, we will provide a schedule of charges over the contract term, taking into account current market prices as well as the secured and unsecured volumes.

Market reports

We will provide your company with gas and electricity market reports. The reports will highlight activities across the energy markets and any other aspects that may arise to affect direction over the coming seasons.

Energy profiles

Upon release of the latest gas or electricity accounts, we will provide a rolling annual profile of charges detailing invoiced consumptions, charges and average pence per kilowatt hour.

Historical reporting

With the relevant data, Edwards Energy Services can provide comparison with historical consumption patterns. This can be used to determine energy efficiency improvements.

Exception reporting

Exception reporting highlights anomalies within a supplier’s billing system. Any exceptions will be pursed until a satisfactory conclusion has been reached.